Father's Day

Dads. They work tirelessly, juggle a million responsibilities, and always put everyone else first. This year, for Father’s Day, let’s show them how much we appreciate everything they do with a gift that truly keeps on giving: the gift of relaxation and well-being. Make this year unforgettable by appreciating your dad, a father figure who has always been there, or another incredible man. Our Ayurvedic Massage Therapies are designed to leave fathers feeling rejuvenated. Sevayu recognized for its use of organic and natural herbal substances, offers peaceful massages and reviving treatments that are worthy of a relaxing holiday.

Make Father’s Day Unforgettable

With Sevayu’s Father’s Day Special Gift Packages, you can take your relaxation to the next level. Choose from a variety of Ayurvedic massages and facial treatments, such as Regular Massage Therapy, Shirodhara Therapy, and Abhyanga Therapy. Create the ideal present to fit your father’s tastes. Allow him to relax in the relaxing setting of our Ayurveda Wellness Center, where he will benefit from the rejuvenating effects of our therapies.
Show your appreciation with a gift that promotes relaxation, health, and well-being. Let your father experience the rejuvenating power of Ayurveda with Sevayu’s exclusive Father’s Day offers. Book now and give him the gift of ultimate relaxation and renewal.

The Special Father's Day Gift Package Therapies are:

$99 (60 Mins)

Regular Massage

$149 (120 Mins)

Full Body Massage (60 mins) Shirodhara (30 mins)

$199 (120 Mins)

Abhyanga (60 mins) Shirodhara (45 mins)
Facial + Padu Abhyanga
(15 Mins)