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Millions of North Americans are reported to be suffering from chronic pain, a number larger than all the people suffering from diabetes & heart disease. For pain, we generally take painkillers, but this has led to a major cause of addiction and death by overdose.

We consume a majority of the prescription drugs called opioids—the strongest and most addictive pain pills. Evidence shows that long-term opioid drug use triggers a vicious cycle of continued pain and addiction.

Ayurveda suggests a different approach to pain relief. It begins by viewing pain as a mind-body experience. Ayurveda recognizes this power of the mind to relieve pain, and strengthens this force through use of therapies. Ayurveda presents Panchakarma & pain-reducing techniques that are effective and non-addictive.

According to Ayurveda, Vata is the main Dosha involved in pain. It is responsible for generating and spreading the pain. However, a specific fraction of Vata is responsible for pain in a specific region such as; generalized pain is caused by Vyana Vata, headache – Prana and Vyana Vata, abdominal pain – Samana and Apana Vata and chest pain – Vyana and Prana Vata.

According to Ayurveda, chronic pain is caused by doshic imbalances and is influenced by many factors like diet, digestion, accumulation of toxins, stress, exercise levels and daily routine. Ayurveda explains the origin of pain is due to vitiated Vata dosha, once vata dosha is treated efficiently the pain subsides automatically.

Sevayu contains a wide variety of time-tested Ayurveda recommendations to balance Vata . These include specific diets, herbs, cleansing programs. Our Ayurveda Experts will design a customized Individualized Programs program to address your chronic pain condition.

Ayurvedic pain management therapies are safe and natural ways that help in the management of different types of pain like muscle pain, musculoskeletal pain, bone-joint pain,sports injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, myalgia, spondylosis, sciatica, low back ache, muscle cramps, sprain etc.



Upper back is the stress zone and Low back pain is increasingly becoming very common due to demanding work and wrong life styles. In Kati abhyanga, warm medicated oil is poured over the back and massage is done using mama technique along the whole course of spine.

Benefits of Kati Abhyanga

  • Relieves back pain and neck strain
  • Alleviates shoulder pain
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Improves flexibility and blood circulation
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, fatigue and improves sleep

45 Minutes $89


Basti stands for retaining something inside, in this case mainly herbal oil. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this basti deeply clean and fortify the blood, build strong muscle and connective tissues, and lubricate the joints. Oil penetrates into the skin, softens the tissues and eases inflammation. This alleviates pain and quickly rejuvenates the affected area.

This therapy is highly recommended for lower back pain and other spine problems. This is a form of giving fomentation to localized areas, by applying and retaining heated herbal oil to the sacral or lumbar region. This special technique is aimed at providing relief by bathing the lower back. A frame of black gram paste is made around the sacral region. Warm medicated oil is poured into this frame. This warm oil heats the sacral region followed by massage done locally to the region.

Benefits of Kati Basti

  • Relieves pain in the low back and lower limbs
  • Relieves stiffness in the low back and lower limb
  • Relieves swelling and inflammation in the low back, in the bones and soft tissues of the low back
  • Brings lightness and a sense of health in the lower portion of the body
  • Improves movements at the back and lower limbs and enable us to move and work freely
  • Strengthens the low back (bones, muscles and soft tissues therein)
  • Soothes the nerves supplying the low back and legs (lower limbs)
  • Enhances blood supply to the low back area

45 Minutes $89


For knee joint pain and other problems, this procedure is done in order to strengthen the knee architecture (i.e. muscles, joints) and improvise the functions of knee joint, thereby preventing it from further degenerative changes.

The patient is made to sit in a comfortable position with both legs extended. The mould is fixed on one or both knees made with the help of the kneaded black gram dough of suitable height. Herbal oil of suitable temperature is poured inside the prepared wall and retained for about 30-40 minutes. The warmth of the oil is maintained throughout the procedure. At the end of the procedure the dough is removed, a gentle massage is given over the area. The person is made to take rest for a while.

Benefits of Janu Basti

  • As the hot oil touches the skin surface it deeply nourishes the joints inside so that the pain is relieved
  • Increases blood circulation in the knee area
  • Prevents dry skin
  • With JanuBasti, proper lubrication is provided to the joints and the stiffening cells and fluid are rejuvenated
  • Flexibility of joints is enhanced
  • Removes inflammation and pain
  • Protects the knee cartilage
  • Nerves of the knee are strengthened
  • With regular sessions aches and discomfort are reduced to a greater extent

45 Minutes $89


This is a process in which warm oil is kept over the cervical region, in a ring of herbal paste. The oil is maintained at a particular temperature. It gives immediate relief as it acts at the site of lesion. It enhances the lubrication to the cervical vertebrae, gives nutrition to the cartilage bones and improves the cushion action between two vertebral bodies.

Benefits of Greeva Basti

  • Relieves the burden of stress and congestion in nerves, bones and muscles of the neck and shoulders and thus relaxing and rejuvenating them
  • Improves flexibility and brings smooth movement
  • Improves circulation around the neck and shoulder region
  • Relieves pain and stiffness.Cervical spondylosis
  • Cervical disc lesion
  • Vertigo
  • Tingling, numbness of hands
  • Compression fractures
  • Chronic pain in neck region
  • Frozen shoulder

45 Minutes $89


Mardana is the Sanskrit name given in Ayurveda for the deep tissue massages.

In total 108 Marma points (Vital energy points) are given in Ayurveda as guidelines and used in various massages to revitalize the body, mind and consciousness. Our trained therapists stimulate these vital energy points with the help of fingers, knuckles, forearms, elbows etc. to give the right kind of pressure needed to stimulate these points. Going further the right blend of Ayurvedic herbal oils percolating inside every layer of skin enhances the effect and enables us to get the desired effects of:

  • Relaxing muscle tension
  • Dissolve knots in the body due to accumulation of lactic acid
  • Enable lymphatic drainage
  • Weight and inch loss
  • Invigoration and thus rejuvenating the body and mind.

60 Minutes $99


Ayurveda foot care treatment applies herbal oil on all the marma points of the feet. By stimulating the foot marma points, connections are made at the subtlest level of the nervous system for release of emotional stress.

Benefit of Pada Abhyanga

  • Relaxes tired feet and legs – particularly for those with a lifestyle that tires the feet
  • Relaxes and soothes nerves and revitalizes the central nervous system
  • Allays the tired feeling of restlessness experienced in the foot
  • Improves your circulation, which addresses the numbness in the feet
  • Relieves stiffness, dryness, and numbness of the leg and foot
  • Promotes healthy eyesight and hearing senses
  • Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Relieves foot pain improves muscle tone and prevents dryness of the skin
  • Promotes restful sleep and cures several sleep disorders including insomnia

30 Minutes $69

45 Minutes $89


Pinda sweda is a unique therapy where a poultice of herbs is used for fomentation. This improves circulation and helps relieve pain, swelling and stiffness. Different variants of Pinda sweda are used depending on the materials including Patra (fresh herb leaves), Churna (herbal powder), Jambeera (Lemon), Shashtika shali (red rice) etc. Pinda sweda also strengthens the bones and muscles.

Pinda sweda consists of applying a bolus of herbs during a massage. This helps relieve musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain, strengthens immunity, and increases blood circulation. Patra means medicinal leaves, and potli means bolus sweda-fomentation.

Benefits of Pinda Sweda

  • Strengthens the back and spine
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Reduces stiffness and inflammation
  • Increases the circulation and thus improves the functioning of the joints
  • Arthritis, Paralysis
  • Body pain and numbness
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Neuro-muscular diseases

60 Minutes $139

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