Sevayu prioritizes the safety of users’ personal information. We collect and use personal information responsibly and disclose information only if it is absolutely necessary for the goods and services we provide. This page describes our privacy policy and by using our website you agree to the the terms mentioned on this policy.

What kind of information do we collect?

We collect the following kinds of information:

  • Details of customers’ age, gender, address, phone number and family status.
  • Health history, health condition and services he has received.
  • Opinions and feedback expressed by an individual.

If the client’s personal information is different from business information we collect the information from the client.

Why do we collect personal information?

  • We collect the information so that we know if there are any allergies or serious conditions we should know about before we offer therapies and use our herbal ingredients during therapies.
  • We also obtain the information so that we can advise our clients to use the right treatment that could fix their health condition before they can begin therapy with us.
  • Clients credit card or any other form of payment information is collected in case a payment is not processed with the primary method chosen by the customer.

Registered massage therapists are regulated by associations, boards and/or provincial regulatory bodies. These bodies may inspect our records and interview our staff as a part of their regulatory activities in public interest. In addition, we will report serious misconduct, incompetence or incapacity of these bodies if they do not follow the generic rules of inspection. There are strict privacy obligations that are followed by inspectors as well as our own staff during inspections. We may consult with professional lawyers in case we have to in order to support the concern and to keep our users information safe.

Protecting Personal Information

Third-parties usually pay for the cost of goods/services that are provided by the organization to clients. The payers usually have the client’s consent or legislative authority who would advise us about what information is needed and in what manner it needs to be collected or disclosed in order to demonstrate client entitlement to this funding.

We may also retain customer information for a minimum of 10 years after the last time a client contacts us so that we can respond to questions instantly and provide satisfactory services. When browsing our site we will not collect any personally identifiable information. We may collect information such as time of the day, the type of browser and IP address. This will help us make our website better. When you book an appointment online we will collect your personal information to be able to delivery our services/products effectively.

  • The information we have on paper is either under supervision or locked up safely in a restricted area.
  • The information we have on hardware is either under supervision or secured away in a restricted area with passwords and authorized seals.

Retention and destruction of personal information

We retain personal information so that we can answer question that our clients might have about our services and for our own accountability to external regulatory bodies. The information is retained for 10 years. Paper files with personal information are destroyed once the information is feeded in a protected computer. We also delete files from our computer that do not need to be saved. Users have the right to view their information after completing certain steps. They have the choice to view their details at any point in time once we have confirmed the identity of the users who wish to see their information.

You can also demand for your information to be deleted or corrected at any time. You can put your request in writing and in case we cannot delete the information or provide you access, we will notify you about it.
Sevayu reserves the right to change or modify the privacy policy without notifying the members or website visitors.