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(Greeva Basti)

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Neck Pain Therapy or Greeva Basti is a respected authority in the field of holistic medicine, especially when it comes to treating the frequently crippling symptoms of neck muscle pain. This Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain, which has its roots in the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, provides a sophisticated and all-encompassing approach to addressing the complex and varied aspects of constant neck pain, neck strain and the diseases that accompany it. Using a carefully designed routine that includes the use of specific medicated oils and physical therapy for neck pain, Greeva Basti aims to achieve not only the relief of symptoms but also deep renewal and balance in the cervical region.

Using a wealth of traditional knowledge and herbal medicines, this neck pain therapy works to promote a balanced relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. Through the use of tried-and-true techniques and the natural healing qualities of certain plant essences, this massage for neck pain intervention seeks to realign the delicate balance of life forces that support overall health. The Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain hopes that by applying it carefully, the cervical region will be revitalized, eliminating any discomfort and bringing it a new era of resilience and vitality.

Benefits of Neck Pain Therapy:

  • Provides relief from chronic neck pain and stiffness
  • Reduces muscle tension and soreness in the neck region
  • Best for pulled neck muscle treatment
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion in the cervical spine
  • Helps to get relief from a sore neck and stiff neck
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates the muscles and tissues of the neck
  • Calms the sore neck muscles
  • Alleviates symptoms of neck strain and muscle fatigue
  • Promotes relaxation and relieves stress in the neck and shoulder area

Neck Pain Therapy (Greeva Basti) Procedure:

  • Preparation: The first step of greeva basti starts with making medicinal oils that have been carefully selected to treat the patient’s ailment. To maximize the therapeutic benefits of these oils, they are warmed to a comfortable temperature.

  • Patient Preparation: The patient is instructed to rest comfortably on their back on a massage table. Next, a tiny dough ring is wrapped around the neck to serve as a holding area for the medicinal oil.

  • Application of Oil: Using a dough ring around the neck, the heated therapeutic oil is poured into it. The oil is permitted to remain in the reservoir for a predetermined amount of time, typically between 20 and 30 minutes. In this period, the oil’s warmth works its way deep into the neck’s muscles and tissues, relieving pain and encouraging recovery.

  • Massage and Manipulation: The therapist uses circular motions and light pressure to gently massage the neck and shoulder area while the oil is applied. This aids in enhancing blood circulation to the injured area and helping to further relax the muscles.

  • Rest and Relaxation: The oil is carefully removed and any extra is cleaned off after the allotted time has passed. After that, the patient is instructed to take a brief nap in order to give the therapy time to take effect.

  • Follow-Up Care: To get the best results, several Greeva Basti treatments may be advised, depending on the severity of the disease. To aid in the healing process and stop symptoms from returning, patients may also receive food advice, lifestyle changes, and prescription exercises in addition to therapy sessions.

    Overall, Greeva Basti is a safe and natural approach to managing neck pain, bad neck aches and, sore neck and promoting neck health. Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain combines the healing properties of Ayurvedic oils with therapeutic massage techniques to provide holistic relief from neck-related discomfort and improve overall well-being. If you’re suffering from neck pain and stiffness, consider incorporating physical therapy for neck pain into your wellness routine for lasting relief and relaxation.

Glimpse Of Neck Pain Therapy:

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